Sean, Bill (with Chewie), Elizabeth and Mary Lou with our dogs - Cassie, Yoda, Slinger, Bali, Louis

About Our Kennel

Bearscamp’s focus is to provide sound, healthy and beautiful family companions. Plus, we are always looking to produce Newfoundlands that can win in the conformation ring, perform in obedience and have the instincts to work in harness (draft work) and in water (water rescue).

Our bloodlines are mainly Topmast, Ebonewf, Nikoma and Marcarpent. We like these lines for their adherence to the Newfoundland standard and their reputations for soundness.

All of our Newfs are x-rayed for hips and elbows, examined by board-certified cardiologists and ophthalmologists and tested for cystinuria. We have had good success in dogs living to 10 years or more. All of the Newfs are house dogs and puppies are raised in the family room.

We breed one to two litters a year. We are committed “raw food” feeders and good puppy homes that will feed raw will be given preference (see “The Diet”).

We brought home our first Newf in the early 1980’s. Early success in the obedience ring (Rascal was rated in the Top Ten (Front and Finish) one year while working towards his CDX) started us on our journey with the Newfs. Soon we became involved in the breed ring and then breeding.

We joined the Northland Newfoundland Club (NNC) at the same time we brought Rascal home with Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) membership following shortly after that. Mary Lou has served on the Board of Directors for Northland for over twenty years, most of that time as Corresponding Secretary and newsletter editor. She has also served a term on the Board for the NCA including a year as the NCA Recording Secretary. In addition, she has served on many committees for both clubs. She is also on the Board of the Saratoga NY Kennel Club. Membership in other organizations includes the Newfoundland Club of New England and the American Dog Owners Association.

Mary Lou teaches obedience classes through the local school system as part of their adult education program. She also has taught 4-H junior showmanship for the last 14 years. Educating people about Newfoundlands and responsible dog ownership is something that we here at Bearscamp hold to be very important.


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